Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas

In today’s fiercely competitive online mediums, your real estate business success depends on how well your online marketing funnel performs to get in front of the right customers

In short, some proven ideas for marketing real estate online allow you to showcase your brand, expertise and give you the most bang for the proverbial buck.

1. Build a rock-solid professional website

If you want to win the medium of online marketing, you need to understand the difference between a usual website and a professional one. 

For agencies and realtors, a professional website is more influential than ever. However, it builds trust for both buyers and sellers.

6 Elements of an Aesthetically Pleasing and functional Website

  • Ensuring high-quality content
  • Professional and sharp photography of property listing
  • Good speed of the website
  • Easy to navigate
  • Not too many ads 
  • Regular updates – fresh content, blogs, and properties

2. Film an explainer video about your expertise

It’s time to get viral and take the help of your high-quality smartphone to prepare video walkthroughs offering more insights about your expertise and if you are a seller’s agent then perhaps how a home is realistically represented via virtual tour. 

Advantages of this marketing strategy:

  • It makes people believe why you’re the right person for the job.
  • It differentiates your business from other agents.
  • Essential for consumers to understand what space indeed looks like in person and what makes you worth hiring. 

3. Build a system of referrals

Another way to boost your real estate marketing is to create a unique referral system for your consumers. 

What can you offer in exchange for referrals?

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Home Depot gift card and much more

Trust us; this strategy will build your online presence, network, and lead flow. By following up with your buyers and sending periodic content to your subscribers can help you connect with your clients innovatively.

4. Add testimonials to your home page

To increase the trust amongst visitors, realtors can always request testimonials from their happiest and most vocal clients.

Prominently showcasing testimonials on your homepage makes it easier to lay a step out for reaching your business’ vision.

5. Create your unique selling proposition (USP)

Pick the top-selling proposition ideas that differentiate you from your competition. Few questions you can ask yourself when developing your proposition:

  • What can you offer that other can’t?
  • What is the latest buying, pricing, selling trends in your market with prospects?

6. Use social media to market 

Creating a Facebook business page is one such approach that can advertise your business. Ensure you are active there and post good resources and information to compose success in business in the long term.

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