How to Develop a Unique Brand Identity for your Business ?

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Unique Brand Identity for your Business

Logo and Brand are often used interchangeably but a company’s Brand identity is much more than just a logo. A brand defines a business’ personality and what it stands for. It’s the reason behind your customers choosing you over your competitors, which includes your strengths, your customer relations and the quality of work that you have provided for your clients. The best way to think of brand identity is to find out what your customers say about your brand.

Example: Nike

When we think of Nike what are the 3 things that immediately come to mind?

  • Logo: nike 11 569338
  • Their quote (USP): “Just do it”
  • What they stand for: A brand that provides accessories for active lifestyle for athletes & health enthusiast

Why is a unique brand identity for your business important?

From the example above about Nike we can see what is unique brand identity for a business but why is it important you may ask?

A brand identity helps businesses clearly define their vision and distinguishing themselves from their competitors by connecting with their ideal customers.

Public Image

For all practical purposes the image of your business begins with a unique logo. A symbol that your customers can identity and connect with. Coca cola & Nike are prime examples of this. We can recognize their logo the minute we see them. In other words, your logo is a symbol that tells the public that this represents your Business.

Trust & Confidence

When a customer works with you, your efforts and your workmanship develops the trust and builds the confidence that nurtures those customer relationships. This defines what the business stands for and naturally generates leads but more importantly it helps you to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Advertising Campaigns

Advertising is necessary for every business whether it is a Promo Video, FB Ads about your listings or PPC on Google Ads. Before you begin that process it is essential to define a unique brand identity for your business. When a customer sees your ad, on social media, radio, or television, they should know where the message is coming from. A unique brand identity for your business will do just that. Helping your business create smart ad campaigns which will increase your return on investment.

Vision and Values

Every business starts with an idea, a vision, and a set of beliefs. When you present your vision you define what your business stands for. Customers like to work with business’ whose values align with their own beliefs. Although vision evolves over time the core fundamental values should remain consistent in order to develop those long term relations with your customers and build trust for your Brand.

How to develop a unique brand identity for your business

These key pointers may help you define your brand identity. 

  • From your customer’s point of view what problems do you solve for them?  (Ask a past customer for their feedback)
  • How do you stand out from your competitors in the market? (Time for Market Research)
  • What are the advantages of working with your business? (Why should they pick you?)
  • What services are you offering your customers that they won’t get from going somewhere else? 

How can we, at Digi4Real, help ?

We are a team of digital marketing experts that help Realtors grow their business digitally. We offer complete Digital Solutions to help you develop a unique brand identity for your business. We assist Realtors step by step by guiding them in the right direction when it comes to Digital Marketing.

We set realistic goals that assist Realtors define their unique Brand Identity. We follows that blueprint throughout the whole marketing campaign. We believe in two way communication and constantly communicate with our clients about the updates as we progress. At Digi4Real our expertise is Digital Marketing for Realtors and we go above and beyond to get maximum results possible for our clients so that you too can develop a unique brand identity for your business and sell more properties.




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