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Our team operating in Toronto, Ontario, understands how lucrative the real estate market is and provides the best marketing remedies to help you maximize that audience. 

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Resources for Real Estate Agents

Why investing in a Digital Marketing strategy as a realtor is important?

Why investing in a Digital Marketing strategy as a realtor is important?

The era of consumers relying on local brokers and newspapers to find the ideal real estate is long gone. Instead, millennials are utilizing what the internet has to offer. With only a few keystrokes, the internet empowers users to identify the most economical and ideal real estate homes.

Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas

In today’s fiercely competitive online mediums, your real estate business success depends on how well your online marketing funnel performs to get in front of the right customers listings. 

Full Circle Approach to Property Marketing

The Full Circle Approach to Real Estate Social Media Marketing

This Podcast is specially dedicated to sellers agent. We discuss how to market properties using our Full Circle Approach and go in depth about facebook, youtube and instagram integration for property listings. 

Tips to Rank Higher on Google for your Property Listings 

4 Tips to Score Higher for your property listings

This blog is the key to start appearing on the top of the search results on google for your property listings. 

We do a deep dive analysis of why your property listings are not appearing on search results and how we can improve rankings for your property listings. 

Putting yourself in the shoes of a Homebuyer

Connect with Homebuyers

Putting ourselves in homebuyers shoes will help us understand how to connect with them better. 

In this blog we discuss the mindset of first time homebuyers and millennials

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Determining Social Media Success Strategy (Podcast)

Being on Social Media for personal profile vs business are two completely different things. 

Strategizing for success and how to analyze your progress is discussed in this podcast. 

SEO for Realtors

Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate Agents

Use this guide to understand the fundamentals and basics behind google ranking and search engine optimiation. 

PS. SEO helps with organic leads.

5 Marketing Trends for 2021

 Renting vs Owning your  Website

Listen to our latest Podcasts. This month we discuss the difference between Renting vs Owning your Real Estate Website.

# Every month there will be a new episode

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Digital Marketing Trends to look out for in 2021

We have compiled a list of trends that are a must have for 2021. You won’t want to miss this. Learn these to help organically grow traffic locally within your neighbourhood

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Social Media Calendar

We know it can be overwhelming to post on Social Media platforms regularly. That’s why we have created a 30 day calendar to help you with ideas for Social Media posts. Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn this guide is for you. 

Real Estate Professionals Guide for creating Sales Funnels and generating Leads via Online Marketing

How to create Sales Funnels for your Leads

Leads are really the main focus of this post. When it comes to  online marketing in Real Estate, we are going to give you all the information you need to generate leads. It isn’t as complex as many experts suggest. Instead, in 5 easy steps, we have summarized all you need to know about lead generation when it comes to online marketing in Real Estate.

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