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Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone

What is Online Marketing 

Online Marketing is the promotion of your brand and services via Internet. With more people using the internet every single day all over the world it is no wonder that Online Marketing plays a crucial role in promoting any size business including Real Estate.

Online Marketing allows you to store, analyze and track how customers and potential customers are interacting with your services. This data can then be used to invest in Paid Social Media marketing for your Real Estate business.

Types of Online Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization aka SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing aka SEM
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing aka SMM
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising aka PPC
  • Email Marketing

Most Common Questions that we get asked

1)How will Online Marketing help my Real Estate business?

Real Estate Online Marketing opens the door to many opportunities that help grow your business. This include:

  • -Building a Unique Brand Identity for your Real Estate Business
  • -Networking; Investors & Realtors love networking; Online marketing expands your network so that you can Reach Outside your Circle.
  • -Nurturing Customer Relations. When you work with a client you begin a relationship with that customer. Online Marketing helps to maintain and nurture that relation.
  • -Increasing your visibility on Google
  • -Generating organic leads; leads that naturally come to your website via google search 
  • -Adding value for your customers when used effectively
  • -Free advertising when used efficiently

2)I am not that tech savvy. How difficult is Real Estate Online Marketing?

Real Estate Online Marketing is challenging. Especially when our friend, Google, continuously keeps changing it’s algorithm to determine which pages come on top of search results. It keeps the marketers on their toes and makes it necessary for us to stay up-to-date. We, at Digi4Real,  understand this and offer free consultation with insights on how to improve your website SEO

Online Marketing requires knowledge on optimizing webpages, creating content, getting Subscribers for Email marketing, sending Emails to subscribers, collecting relevant Data and finally, using that Data for Social Media paid advertising or PPC.

Digi4Real provides all the digital solutions that Real Estate Online Marketing needs. Bottom line, it is difficult to do all this on your own, you need help from a marketing team that specializes in Real Estate Online Marketing. 

3)How will this allow me to interact with my potential clients & builders?

The best way to interact with your potential clients & builders is through Social Media. You need to find out where your customers are spending their time. Is it  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin? Once you know you that, your second step should be to create a business page on that Social Media platform, followed by posting regularly something that adds value for your customers. 

We, at Digi4Real, highly recommend creating a business website along with Social Media business pages. Website increases your visibility on the Internet and gives you more freedom to personalize the content you post. Another benefit of having a business website is that it lets your visitors become subscribers. This helps with Email Marketing by staying in touch with your clients via Emails about current Listings, any promotional offers, Open Houses and more. 

4)Will I be able to advertise and promote my business through Real Estate Online Marketing?

Absolutely! When it comes to Online Marketing it all boils down to this; do you want to build smart Advertising Campaigns or simply Invest and set a Budget expecting results to occur miraculously. Yes, you can advertise and promote your Real Estate business via paid Facebook & Youtube ads. Do we recommend this as the first step to marketing? No!

Why not? Because customer do a thorough background research before making a purchase. They want to know who you work for, what your brand is, how well established your business is and what do you bring to the table. If your customer does not know about your experience they will not know how well established your Business is. A strong foundation is necessary before investing in paid advertising. Building a brand requires taking into account all forms of Online Marketing before investing in Paid Social Media advertising. 

5)What are smart Advertising Campaigns?

Besides building a strong foundation for your Real Estate Business, you need to also collect data. Facebook and Google offer tools that lets you know who is interacting with your Social Media pages, your website, what are they interested in, how much time they are spending on your website and more. With this data, Paid Advertising becomes more efficient. It let’s you target those visitors and visitors with similar interest; also known as Psychographics (a qualitative methodology used to describe traits of humans on psychological attributes.) This converts much better than directly jumping into paid advertising while also increasing your ROI. 

6)Can I conduct transactions Online?

Yes! It’s 2021! A lot is happening digitally including open houses, virtual tours, and majority of paperwork is being done digitally via E-signatures. Good news is that there are programs that let you conduct transactions directly from your website (given that you are offering services like consultation/property evaluation or virtual open houses with floor plans and price-list on your website). 

Real Estate online marketing opens the door to endless possibilities to grow your business. Contact us for a free consultation. 

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