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All you need to know about Instagram Reels

“Well I know Instagram but what is this Instagram Reels?”  Don’t worry I had the same feeling when I heard about it.

What is Instagram Reels?

Reels is a new Instagram features which will make you forget about Tiktok. Short videos, all the effects to make professional content and access to use music makes it different from an Instagram IGTV and story, and very similar to its renegading arch-nemesis.

image1We all love Instagram and with Reels, that means attention doesn’t need to move across different platforms and we can utilize it and gain more followers.

I know I know all those marketers out there must be wondering how to utilize this feature to gain more attention and get traffic as well as sales?

Don’t you worry guys let me show you how

But before we dive into that and I give you more details, I want to give you a friendly reminder that your Reels content doesn’t have to be brand new. You can make use of existing content on your blog, podcast, and social channels and just tune that content to work well on Reels. Isn’t Marketing all about efficiency? So let’s make sure managing Reels doesn’t become a full-time job for you—it’s just another platform to showcase your products and services.

Okay here comes the ways to use Instagram Reel to get traffic and attention that we want for our products and services.

Ways to Use Instagram Reels

Your Story

Well I know it might not sound good but its true to a certain extent. Let’s be honest—when was the last time you found a new product or someone selling a service, went to their website, clicked on their About Page, and thought, “WOW! That was amazing.”Instagram Reels

Yeah… it’s been a pretty long time for me too. I share the same feeling.

Well Instagram Reels has the potential to make a creative story for your business showcasing the dynamic and interesting version of the lame and boring about us on your website.

This story can include amazing music and old photos, can also add case studies, some testimonials and whatever you feel that will make your client understand the journey you go through to reach where you are today. Sounds interesting right?

It’s personable, it’s relatable, and it builds relationships.

Educational Creative Content

Well old school methods are too old for our X and Z generations and nobody requires chalk and chalkboard to explain the benefits of your product or services anymore.

In case of Realtors, we are talking about educating them on your services or it can also be about your listings.

You can provide them the details of what differs you from other realtors and how yours services can help closing the deal faster. I am sure millennials and Generation Z will love you for that.

Pair that content with lead magnets or an awesome newsletter and you’ll be able to move Instagram Reel viewers to your website and get them to become subscribers. 🎉

Product Reviews/Case Studies

It is very import to showcase what you have done for your customer in past and what you can do for the potential customer watching your video.

If you are selling a physical product then maybe you can showcase the product reviews from your website.Reels- Digi4Real

If you are selling a service, a case study would give those potential customers an idea on how you can work for them.

For your case studies, you can take a past case study published on your blog or used in your sales process, take the headers from each section, and use those as text on your own video where you explain how you got those results. This text helps visual learners understand what you’re talking about while you discuss the details verbally.

We are through the end and I would like to remind you to subscribe to our newsletter and that with Instagram Reels you can make use of existing content on your blog, podcast, and social channels and just tune that content to work well on Reels.

I think with this I will end this blog. I am very sure Instagram Reels is the future for advertisement and the sooner we grab this opportunity the better it will be for us. Happy Reading and enjoy your day

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