How will Digital Marketing transform Real Estate in 2020

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How will Digital Marketing transform Real Estate in 2020?

      Today, buyers and renters do most of the searching on the internet before listing down the potential properties and then go for a visit. Digital marketing has transformed the entire process of buying and renting a property quite convenient and easier. It has become very important to impact the buying decision by showing comprehensive online information regarding the property.

That’s why most of the real estate digital marketing strategies are focused on the visibility of the properties, real estate agents and brokers on the internet. Truth is digital marketing has brought a transformation in the real estate market. It has changed the way real agents used to work. With buyers taking the property tour online and filling papers online, real estate agents can save a lot of their time and effort. Digitalization has made it possible for numerous potential buyers to see the property at the same time and realtors can deal with numerous buyers without giving personal visits to each person.

Digital marketing is an effective way to attract attention. No matter the size of your business, digital marketing can help you customize your marketing efforts to meet your clients’ needs, and grow your network of clients. Here are some ways digital marketing will transform the real estate industry.

Automated Marketing Roles:

As a Real Estate Broker, you may barely have enough time to perform all of the digital marketing tasks to scale up your real estate business. There are now digital marketing automation platforms to ease the real estate broker situation. With minimum effort, you can reach out to prospects in an automated fashion and stay in front of their prospective clients. You can develop quality content and customize your marketing efforts to fit buyers’ needs whether it be organic or paid. Once you have strategized your marketing efforts, automation will take care of most of the things itself. These automation tools are very affordable in 2020 and they will cost even less in the future as the competitive landscape evolves.

How will Digital Marketing transform Real Estate Industry in 2020 

Augmented/Virtual Reality:

The biggest challenge with real estate is that taking the time to give each potential buyer and renters a tour of the property. These repetitive tours can be very time-consuming. Buyers want to see the property before making any decision. Integrating augmented or virtual reality into your digital marketing will enable you to produce virtual tours of your properties. These virtual tours can help your potential buyers to gather insights into the surrounding area, and help them understand what it would feel like to live in the property and neighbourhood. With every day passing, augmented/virtual reality is becoming more and more accessible.


Here is another way how Digital Marketing will transform the Real Estate Industry in 2020; this decentralized technology will allow for the democratization of real estate properties. Automated execution of a transaction using this technology and the potential to create fractional ownership in real estate assets using tokens opening up investment opportunities in the real estate market. Blockchain, Ehterem is built specifically for contractual transactions, streamlining the sales and closing the real estate operational processes. Smart contracts are being done to provide everyone with equal opportunities to invest. If executed properly, we will come to know that we’ve just scratched the surface of what could be possible via the marriage of blockchain and real estate. 

Digital marketing has been transforming the real estate landscape and it’s a very promising thing. However, it is important that you understand your potential clientele so that you can customize your services to increase your exposure and return on investment.