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“You may delay, but time will not.”― Benjamin Franklin

As we approach the second half of 2020 here is a short list of changes that we have gone through due to Covid-19

  • Social Distancing has become a norm
  • Online gatherings; meetings for work, online weddings & birthday parties etc. are on a rise
  • There has been an increased awareness of personal hygiene
  • It is common to wear a mask in public
  • Working from home is now a daily routine

Many of us have lost our jobs due to Covid-19, which has been difficult to cope with. Even with the help from our respective governments, many of us have found out the hard way the truth about Job Security; there is none. The pandemic has also caused some of us to re-consider our options and discover our passions. Many of us in Real Estate have now considered pursuing it full-time. 

The Genesis of Digital Agent

This agent is applying new creative methods towards growing his business that he had not considered before. The potential of Digital Solutions became apparent to him when he discovered that few businesses continued to thrive through the pandemic. Businesses like Amazon, Alibaba, E-bay and Shopify had massive profits during the pandemic. 

How is it that these businesses continued to thrive and other sectors like the hospitality, tourism , retail industries suffered so much. What difference did they have besides the fact that E-commerce conducted all their business transactions online whereas the others required physical presence. How can we, as Real Estate Agents, apply the same methodology towards our business?

Let’s imagine it is 2021. Most things have not changed, as far as social distancing, public gathering, working from home etc. but you have made the transition by building a strong foundation for your business online. You, a Digital Agent, start your daily routine as follows:

Digital Agent
The Digital Agent

Email Campaigns

You begin your day by sending an email to all your clients about current property trends and properties that are available for purchase/lease or Rent in your area

Updates on your website

Next, you check your website to make sure everything is running fine. You analyze the number of visitors you’ve had on your website this week. How many of them are Unique(new) and how many are returning visitors. Which property listings are they checking out. How much time are they spending on your website, etc.

Pay-per click Advertising

After carefully analyzing the data, you decide to advertise on social media platforms and google using the information you have. Your plan is to target the audience that has visited your website in the past 2 months and audience that resembles, shares similar interests, as the audience that has visited your website during this time. 


It is now the afternoon and you head for lunch. During your lunch you are invited to an online meeting with other Digital Agents. In this meeting there are discussions regarding market trends, sales, mortgage prices as well as commercial vs residential transactions.

Content Creation

After lunch, you decide to write a blog to share your perspective on current market trends. This is where you highlight if it is a good time to invest or sell. As a Digital Agent, you stay up-to-date by reading articles and financial reports that impacts Real Estate. Networking with other Realtors also increases your knowledge about the market. So when you write your blog, you reflect on all this to provide value for your audience. 

Virtual Tours

In the evening you head over to your client’s house to conduct a Virtual Tour over Zoom. About a week ago you had posted a promotional video on your Social Media channels as well as your website for this property. Now you have scheduled an online meeting for potential buyers who had shown interest in the property. As you conduct this virtual tour you realize how effectively you are able to show the property to multiple buyers at the same time. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

On your drive home, you think of ways to strategize your Social Media marketing. You go over the concerns that your clients had during the virtual tour and decide to address them. You also set a reminder for yourself to update your Social media business pages with compelling and resourceful advice for your clients when you get home. 


As you prepare yourself for bed, you reflect back on 2020. When you had decided to take your Real Estate business online and the number of questions you had in mind. When you had consulted Digi4Real, a Digital Marketing Agency for Realtors, and together you built a strong foundation for your Real Estate business, which included an SEO optimized website, complete Business Pages for Social Media Platforms. Digi4Real advised you about the strength in Promotional Videos and how to effectively share it on Social Media networks to increase engagement. Smart advertising campaign strategies and analytical tools for your website traffic. As you doze off to sleep you feel a peace of mind knowing that the World Wide Web never sleeps and continues to work for you 24/7. 

Next Morning

You wake up to notifications on your phone. This is not new to you as a Digital Agent. You had been expecting to hear back from clients regarding the property you showed yesterday via virtual tour. While going through your messages you notice that your Pay-per Click advertising has generated many new leads. As you sip your morning coffee, you check your calendar and set up online meetings with new leads. Meanwhile, you find out two of the buyers from yesterday’s tour want to make an offer for that property and you inform your client. 

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