How to effectively use Content Marketing as a Realtor

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Content Marketing as a Realtor

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a way to build your brand and promote your business by providing engaging content that is relevant to your industry for your audience. It is an effective strategy that allows you to share your insights, current trends as well as inside information for your potential customers. For example, when you subscribe to Forbes Magazine‘s newsletter and receive emails from them regarding current trends, statistics and other hot topics of interest that is a form of Content Marketing. 

How does Content Marketing differ from other forms of marketing?

While most people think of marketing as a form of paid advertisement that tries to grab the attention of the customers by directly showcasing their services and products, content marketing gives you a chance to educate your visitors while also giving them an option to learn more about your business. It is usually in the form of writing although it can be a video or an audio podcast and online webinars. The aim is to provide answers to specific questions that the people may have.

By providing quality content for your readers on your website or blog you welcome your visitors to spend more time on your website, you also build trust and most importantly you strengthen your relationship with your audience. 

How to effectively use Content Marketing as a Realtor

Let’s take for example a new home buyer, who is also a Millennial (Date of Birth between 1981 and 1996), and has been renting for the last few months. Let’s call him Kevin.

Kevin recently got promoted at work and decides that he is now ready to purchase a property. Technology, social media and online presence is part of everyday lives for Millennials. In fact, most of their activities and decisions are made online. Therefore, Kevin will start surfing the internet to look for current property prices and trends in the real estate market before ever approaching a Realtor.

If you have been actively providing quality content about current market trends and inside knowledge on your website in the form of blogs or articles then with the help of SEO experts your website is Search Engine Optimized.

In fact, you recently shared an article that discusses how the current Housing market is Hot in 2021 and it is in fact a good time to invest in a house or a property. Kevin, who is actively looking for properties online comes across your article on the first page of google search when he looks for current housing market trends. Kevin then finds the Contact Us page and immediately contacts you for further inquiries.

This is an effective and practical way to use Content Marketing as a Realtor. By providing accurate, relevant and quality information you will start to generate leads online. Because the potential customer searched for something on Google, or Bing like “Cottage properties near my area” they came to your website (given that your website is SEO optimization).

Getting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter is also a great way of Content Marketing. It is not only informative, helpful and generates leads but it is also a way of building your Brand and distinguishing yourself from other Realtors. While most Realtors have started using Social Media, not many have their own website and very few are using Content Marketing as a Realtor to promote their business. The potential is huge and risk is minimum. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a better relationship with their customers?

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