7 Easy-to-Implement Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends for Realtors in 2022

The real estate market has witnessed excellent responses during the COVID-19 pandemic, with people looking for safe homes. Likewise, digital estate marketing has also gained impetus as more and more homebuyers (approximately 93%) use online websites to search for their prospective homes.

To handle this massive web traffic, it is necessary to upscale your digital marketing tactics as a realtor so that you can reach your target audience and get more leads that convert.

Here are the top 7 easy to implement real estate digital marketing trends that you should adopt in 20224288663

1) Come up with a responsive website that creates leads and drive conversion

It is necessary to have an excellent real estate website because it brings a genuine database of leads and drives higher conversion. You can create a website with the IDX tool, which integrates real estate listings from multiple listing services and projects them on the website making the home search easier.

Go for chatbot marketing, as according to a HubSpot study, 57% of consumers favour receiving communication from chatbots on websites.


2) The power of a solid social media presence is not overrated

Creating a reliable personal brand over the internet is necessary to be a successful realtor. Real estate digital marketing on social media should be engaging because it’s a recipe for long-term success. Joining communities, resolving home buyers’ and sellers’ queries, posting images of listings have always rewarded realtors.


You may follow the unsaid rule of creating 80% of posts as informative messages for your potential clients and 20% as sales-oriented, promoting your accomplishments and services.

3) Email marketing is not yet outdated

Although social media is compelling, a good digital marketing strategy must include email marketing with an intense follow-up process.

Building an email list is a credible way of growing your database and driving leads that are easier to convert.

4) Voice search will rule the search algorithms

Voice search is gaining momentum as everybody wants results with voice commands. Make sure your website content follows the best SEO practices to optimize voice search.

Don’t forget to get the SEO audit done at least twice a year, as it will keep the website updated with Google algorithms.

5) Start Leveraging video marketing techniques

Videos are a very prominent tool for marketing. Videos with virtual tours of the property are viral on social media channels. Or you can go with the live videos as it helps you connect with the prospects personally.


Why not interview mortgage lenders, clients, shoot neighbourhood areas and exclusive listings videos and grab the attention of homebuyers instantly?!

You can also go for testimonial videos that create authenticity and connectivity with clients.

6) Incorporate the latest technologies in your business

The utilization of the power of automation and drones is gaining ground as potential homebuyers want to check the neighbourhood, amenities in the vicinity, and more before they invest. Automation and drones reduce the risk of in-person meetings.

Houses with 20 photos or more have 2x more chances of being picked up by potential buyers. Use aerial views of properties and professional photographs to highlight the features of the properties. Post them on your Instagram handle and win accolades.

7) Don’t forget to invest in Facebook ads

Specialize targeting options are beneficial in the real estate space as there are niches like luxury homes, first-time homebuyers, Condos, single-family homes, etc. Facebook machine learning algorithm showcase properties ads related to buyers’ preferences. This generates leads and higher conversions.

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Targeted real estate digital marketing can be strategized to improve turnover, sales, and transparency, so why not take it to your advantage!

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